Creating systemic change is not the work of one but of many coming together as one; and that's what we hope to achieve with The Invisible Labs. 


the story behind the labs

With the progressive rise in Autoimmune Diseases and living with four such diagnosis myself, I had to wonder what was going on? The Invisible Labs is the recent iteration of what began as Chronically Driven; a storytelling platform designed to transform narratives around invisible disabilities from one of 'despite of' to 'because of'.

Little did I know the humble blog would lead to building an international network of inspiring storytellers ready to change the world. So when you read the words 'we' it's a direct reference to the thriving community behind The Labs committed to creating sustained change for those living with Autoimmune Conditions. 

What sets us apart is our collective desire to live better now instead of a promised future that may or may not arrive. We have been fortunate to team up with some equally exciting organisations in the UK and across the pond in America which helps us cater to the growing community. 

If you want to find out more about my story, you can read the Huffington Post article on Going Beyond the Extraordinary which encapsulates both my personal motivations and objective aspirations for The Invisible Labs. 

Share your own Story, play with our tools and come join the lively Facebook community, see you on the inside! 

Bhavani Esapathi

Autoimmune Conditions are more prevalent than Cancer or Heart Disease
— Donna Jackson Nakazawa (Author of The Autoimmune Epidemic)

What We've Achieved (so far)

  • Shortlisted for 'the most innovative' UKBA Awards 2016
  • Joined Arts+Tech Pilot with Near Now Studios, Arts Council England & Innovate UK
  • Won the WIRED Award 2015 for 'Best Idea' in providing creative solutions to social health
  • Selected for The Global Futr Lab initiative in collaboration with The British Council & FutureEverything 2015