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We're at the cusp of reimagining health as a spectrum with widespread Autoimmune Conditions progressively increasing by millions every year coupled with a range of other diagnosis that remain invisible on the outset. The effects of which are as much socio-economic as they are medical in nature.

Acting as the Social Innovation Hub for Invisible & Autoimmune Diseases, we are committed to leveraging technology in creating solutions to the everyday problems that the invisible autoimmune community faces and are guided by one fundamental principle; to make these invisible issues more visible in mainstream media.



Be a part of the social campaign that seeks to make invisible autoimmune conditions more visible 

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Crohn's guide to eating out

Come play around with our open sourced map highlighting Crohn's-friendly restaurants. You can add your own places too!

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Chronically Driven

There's always more to a story; discover how an incurable diagnosis could change your life for the better 

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We're building the world's first database of chronic symptoms that haunt every one living with invisible autoimmune conditions

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